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The cornerstone of our philosophy is to back management teams who have creative solutions that challenge the expected and can change the competitive landscape of their market.  Meet the I7V Family.



Ingenii is a recruitment agency that has a vault that’s brimming with outstanding talent in various industries. As recruitment experts, Ingenii is particularly agile when it comes to talent acquisition and personnel placement.


Roundr is an app that links estate agents with their sellers in real time, for fast scheduling and feedback.  The Roundr app can be downloaded from app stores and used to simplify tricky scheduling situations with multiple involved parties, send quick and simple feedback to owners via voice-note or text, and to access and export all records of each property’s interaction history.

Resource Design

Resource Design is a creative, turnkey solutions provider to the exhibitions, events, retail and activation industries, using a revolutionary, sustainable and completely recyclable board.

I7V Renewables

I7V Renewables is establishing a strong presence within the Renewables sector through a mixture of acquisition and organic growth, particularly in wind and solar.  I7V Renewables approaches those sectors with two main focuses, innovative technology development and optimised maintenance and operations support.

Offshore Survival Systems

Offshore Survival Systems is revolutionising the offshore safety industry by deploying the worlds first unmanned and semi autonomous rescue vessels.

Power Roll

Power Roll has developed a unique, flexible, lightweight solar film capable of producing ultra-low-cost green electricity that is up to 20 times cheaper to make than existing flexible PV.


Recycl8 will recycle 100% of the Incinerator Bottom Ash from the waste to energy industry to produce a game-changing, low carbon concrete solution for the global construction industry.

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