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I7V was created to provide hands on assistance to businesses, led by founders with a clear vision, looking to grow their idea to commercial success.  We are committed to contributing to Energy Transition and the development of innovative technologies to make that happen faster and better.

What We Offer

The I7V team has a proven track record of creating and growing successful enterprises in the high pressure environment of the energy industry, in which we have over a century’s worth of combined experience.  In our partner businesses, we do not sit on the side lines, we provide a support network, encompassing strategy, management and operational assistance to ensure they have the correct framework in which to grow and succeed.

  • Proven entrepreneurial expertise - We have a proven track record of delivering on our business plans and a history of managing successful organizations, even in challenging conditions.
  • We have delivered great returns to investors and management teams.
  • Resources and Adding Value – We supply resources and expertise to supplement your already successful organization and to assist you in achieving your organizational goals.
  • Commitment to our partners - We achieve our shared goals by working hard and by working together. We never back competing companies
  • Culture Creation – We believe good culture is crucial … great businesses + great people = great outcomes.

We want to help businesses that will make a difference.  Our focus is investing in solutions which aid in sustainability, renewable energy, the energy transition to carbon neutral, increased efficiency or waste reduction.  We believe that providing these solutions is an immense challenge, therefore we strive to work with creative, driven businesses with clear goals.  When we partner with a business, we promise to match their drive, passion and effort to help them succeed.  We pair these attributes with experience and a relaxed and honest approach to ensure that we develop complete trust with our partners.

  • A sound concept backed up by solid market data
  • A clear strategy
  • An emphasis on improving efficiency, sustainability, waste reduction and asset optimisation
  • Drive and Discipline to work towards success
  • Receptive to teamwork and advice

Get In Touch

Please get in touch if you would like more information about working with I7V.